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Bike Building: An Exercise in Team Building

Just like a chain, a team is only as strong as its weakest member. But even as we value our individuality, we still want to belong to a team that is effective in spite of each member having his or her own set of weaknesses, peculiarities and strengths.  A team has to have leader and a good teamleader would know how to put the varying personal characteristics of each member to their best use and thus benefit not only the entire team itself but also those who depend on the team for their own progress. For many managers who want to achieve such effectiveness in their teams, team building is an essential tool.

Team building exercises help bring teams together to form a cohesive, tight work units. Many managers thus resort to team building when it is obvious that their team is not fucntioning as an effective unit. One such excellent team building exercise but not usually used, is bike building and donating the finished bike to charity.

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Bike building as a team building exercise can help inculcate the importance of being cooperative and supportive team members.  The bicycle itself presents an image of different members, with different functions, strength and purpose going towards one direction and achieving the goal set by the bicyclist.  It may not be a perfect team image but it points team members towards the right direction. We want our team to focus on what is important and necessary - both can be achieved while learning how to build a bike that can carry a little kid and provide her with hours of fun on two wheels.

If you know how to ride a bike, you should also know how to build one or if not, at least, know which part go with which other part.  Understanding how bike parts go and work together can provide lessons for those who think they can achieve things alone and without asking for help from others.  The bike's handlebar for example, is used to steer the whole bike but it will not work if it is not attached to the handle post, which in turn is connected to the steerer tube and so on.  Each bike part, however small, is essential to the efficient and safe operation of whole bike.  Some parts may seem non-essential to the operation but they are needed nevertheless, to the whole experience of bicycling, just like some team members who may have seemingly non-essential function compared to other team members but are there tol serve and contribute to the team's ultimate purpose.


It would be nice for a new bike to have shock absorbers for both front and rear wheels but bicycles have been made without them for generations and no one complained back then.  Many bicyclists today wouldn't even think of bicycling without shocks but many others too, would be just as happy riding a bike without them. 

Some people might argue that they can't let go of their own individuality because they will lose their own personality if they let the team's ideal replace their own.  Let's go back to the lesson of the bicycle. Each individual bike part remains as it is even as it is connected to the whole bike.  Each part contribute to the wholeness of the bike but you can still identify specific parts. You cannot bike if pedals are missing and you can't steer it if you did not install handlebars. Can you imagine a bike without a saddle? It would indeed be an uncomfortable bike ride if your bike doesn't have a saddle.

Image from here.

If you think a bike building exercise can help your team reach its goals, please contact us and let's discuss how we can help you develop a team building activity where you can build bikes that you can donate to deserving poor children while at the same time turn your team into a winning, cohesive and effective team.
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