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What Innovations Would You Like to See in the Bicycle?

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Green seems to be the favorite color of naturists, global warming soothsayers, environmentalists, and other socially aware groups that aim to raise the world’s IQ and EQ when it comes to what goes on in our visible and invisible world. However, you don’t need to go the way of green in order to come up with a kind of great innovation in bicycle technology.

Innovations in all branches of science and technology have pushed the boundaries of human endurance and there seems to be no end to them looming in the horizon. We can perhaps expect more innovations because a previous innovation opened an abundance of resources previously unknown. Innovations begetting innovations – a seemingly unending birth and rebirth of ideas and concepts that can only benefit humanity as a whole. Through innovations, we have scaled up higher grounds, gone deeper into the oceans and farther into outer space, took away more pounds from our electric tools and gadgets to become lighter and more efficient than ever, thought bigger ideas, lived smarter than people a decade ago, have made computers smaller or even tinier than ever before but continuing to do more exponentially.

Modern industrial designers in collaboration with engineers and other stakeholders in the bicycle industry would argue that the bicycle is yet to get to its final, definitive form.


Modern industrial designers in collaboration with engineers and other stakeholders in the bicycle industry would argue that the bicycle is yet to get to its final, definitive form. We cannot but agree. They continue to reinvent the wheel, so to speak, as they try to find ways to improve existing technology – by reducing weight, improving efficiency, using new, stronger materials that could outlast the bicycles’ owners, riders and testers. While it’s basic form couldn’t be changed, such as having two round wheels, the bike’s form and function can be reimagined. Thus we have seen flying bicycles – really a bike fitted with propellers, just like your toy quadcopter, only on a bigger, sturdier scale. We have seen the fattest and thinnest tire possible to fit a bike designed for different purposes. And while electricity propelled bikes are not new, the power source or the battery used to run the electric motor has undergone tons of changes and are now not only more efficient in converting chemical energy to electrical energy but also has succeeded in conserving that energy to last longer. The motor itself has gone through several iterations so that compared to several decades ago, modern motors use less energy and produce more torque and motive power.

Bicycle technology innovators live a charmed life and the innovations they produce keep us ordinary bikers interested and push us to try them as they come. While many of us live as simple bikers and many of us readily accept this truth, there are bikers who are lucky enough to be designated testers of new products that come out of a bike factory’s research and development department. But while not all of us are as lucky, many of us find ourselves eagerly awaiting their public release, often after years of waiting for new bike technology to be perfected at the lab, the trails and the road before it is released to the general public. Experiences of course vary and not all technological innovations are successful but at the end of the day, what makes us happy bikers are those that make bicycling more fun, exciting and adventurous even as men usually never tell their wives the true cost of their bicycles.

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