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10 Important Words and Phrases You Should Know To Better Understand and Enjoy the Tour of the Fireflies

The Tour of the Fireflies is now on its 17th year and it’s good that every year, more and more bikers become aware of its existence and why the Firefly Brigade has always pedaled forward to have it held every year since 1999. However, even as thousands of bikers not only in the country but in some foreign countries as well, have participated in the Tour, not all are aware of its purposes and ideas associated with the Tour. Here below are 10 words and phrases that will help you too better understand the reasons why we have the Tour and why we will continue to hold it in the years to come.

1. Marshals

Marshals are first of all, bikers like the rest of the participants. They might not look the same as the others because of the different jersey they wear, but deep inside, they are bikers at heart. What sets them apart however, as Firefly Brigade Marshals are the amount of training they undergo before they can be admitted into this select group. It is not easy to get into this group but neither is it easy to shepherd at least 15,000 bikers with various levels of skills into one, cohesive and organized group of bikers. You have to have a huge capacity for patience and endurance to be an effective marshal. This group of men and women bikers are tasked with and are expected to being disciplinarians on the road while also being asked to be patient and kind at all times. They are expected to be a jack-of-all-trades while on the Tour as both veteran and newbie participants look up to them for guidance and bike repair knowledge when needed.

Why is this important to know?

Marshals have become an integral part of the Firefly Brigade’s mission and vision, including its advocacies. They are there as part of our mission to “promote cycling as an environmentally sustainable form of transportation;” they participate in our vision “to make a world where bicycling and sustainable transportation are a way of life.” Marshals are to the Tour as gloves are to hands: they go together perfectly for without Marshals, the Tour will be crippled, and the participants could get lost or worst, could become involved in unnecessary accidents. No Tour will be complete without Marshals who help direct the participants from start to end.

2. Peloton

Wikipedia defines peloton as “the main group or pack of riders in a road bicycle race.” The Tour of the Fireflies is not a race but we do apply this term to denote the pack of participants so we know where much of the efforts of our Marshals should be focused. Of course, every single participant is important and our Marshals are there to ensure that each one is given proper assistance at the right time.

Why is this important to know?

The peloton is the biggest group of the Tour and it is composed of riders with varying skills not only in group riding but also in actually riding on Metro Manila’s crowded streets. For this reason, the peloton becomes the center point where marshals, especially trained for this purpose focus their attention, making sure that no one strays too far from it. The peloton is usually at the head of the Tour, being trailed by smaller groups (which can also be referred to as pelotons in their own right.) Riding with the peloton can make it easier to finish the Tour since you become infused with the group’s desire to arrive at the finish line. Being inside a peloton gives bikers a unique perspective of group riding. It’s like being carried along but you also are one in pushing the peloton forward.


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