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Our Mission and Vision

mission vision1A world where bicycling and sustainable transportation are a way of life... To promote cycling as an environmentally sustainable form of transportation...

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Our Advocacies: What We Do

advocacy1The Firefly Brigade is an NGO that promotes the use of the bicycle for clean air and sustainable communities. Our activities that support these goals:

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Bicycling Resources

bikeresources1This is a partial list of bike shops in and around Metro Manila. Please contact us If you are a bike shop owner and you want your shop to be listed here.

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10 Important Words and Phrases You Should Know To Better Understand and Enjoy the Tour of the Fireflies

3. Critical Mass Ride

The Tour itself has been described a one huge Critical Mass Ride. We do have our monthly CMRs and they in turn can be referred to as mini Tour of the Fireflies for they are just as fun although in a smaller scale. CMRs are held every month showcasing a special event that highlight our mission, vision and advocacies. It is held every 3rd Sunday of the month, barring unforeseen circumstances such as flood and rainfall warnings coming from the Pagasa.

Why is this important to know?

The Tour may just be too much of a big bite for a newbie and CMRs are a great way to prepare them for the Tour. A CMR is usually of short distance and with a specific theme that fits a particular celebration for each month. A good example would be our Christmas CMR which incorporates our annual gift giving to people who less fortunate. At the same time, CMRs are also excellent venues to learn city road cycling in a safe and controlled manner. You can also learn basic bike maintenance, how to use simple tools in repairing flat tires, how to wear bike safety gears properly and other things that you will find helpful when you are ready to bike on your own.


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4. Road Sharing

We can only hope that our roads will become a safe way to travel by bike as soon as possible. However, considering what we have now, road sharing is the only way to go as having exclusive bikers’ lane or even thoroughfares will remain a pipedream for generations to come. But we should not let this dissuade us from realizing our goal. If not our roads, let our dreams and aspirations be wide enough to accommodate all those who wish to have a better future for ourselves and our children.

Why is this important to know?

Road sharing can actually be considered as a new concept especially for those who have been used to driving cars and had exclusive use of the roads back then in time when bikers were relegated to side streets, far from the maddening traffic created by motorized transport. But nowadays when we are more enlightened and more aware of the need to protect the environment, limit or stop pollution, conserve energy and discover renewable resources to replace fossil fuels we wantonly use today, road sharing takes center stage as more and more people use the bike as either their alternative means of transportation or as their main transport mode. The Tour of the Fireflies is the perfect venue to bring forth the need to share the road because what else can drivers do when faced with 15,000 bikers on the road!


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