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A Holiday Guide to Spending Your Christmas Bonus for Upgrading Your Bike

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As the Holidays are just around the proverbial corner, here are some suggestions to consider on how to spend your bonus pay on bicycle parts upgrades. We hope you get to adopt some of the grand suggestions we have below.

               50 peso bill                                                

     Philippine 100 Peso1      Philippine 500 Peso      Philippine 1000 Peso


If your bonus is less than 5,000   and   you are married with at least 2 children, spend not more than   x5 of the bill above.  Spend the same amount even if you are single with   or without dependents. Wait   for next year’s bonus as you might have   received a substantial increase by then.    

went to bike shop


If your bonus is more than 10,000   but   not exceeding 20,000 and you are married with 2 or more children   spend at least x 8 of the bill above. Spend the same amount even if you   are single but has parents and siblings to support.


If your bonus is more than 25,000   but   not exceeding 35,000 and you are married but have no children,   give yourself permission (if the wife agrees) to spend x9 of the bill shown   above. Spend the same amount or consider spending even less,   even if   you are single but have several bilmoko girlfriends. However, go ahead and   increase the amount by   80% if you are a faithful boyfriend and has   only one loving and beautiful   girlfriend.




If   your bonus is 50,000 or more and it  won’t matter whether you are   married or single because you don’t depend on   bonuses to have more   money on your pocket or bank account, allow yourself to have some luxury to   spend up to whatever your heart desires. The perks of being     financially independent! However, you may consider donating your planned upgrade   budget to the Firefly Brigade so they can do more bike advocacy     programs for the benefit of our brother and sister bikers who can’t upgrade     due to financial constraints.


Multiply this amount by about 7 if   the   number of your Godchildren doesn’t exceed 5 and they are all   minor children or   toddlers looking up to you for generous   Aguinaldos this year.


Multiply this by let say about 8.5   if  you only have 3 Godchildren and they are already teenagers but  still   expecting something precious from you this Christmas.



Multiply this by 12.5 if you don’t   have any Godchild or if you do, they are all adults and don’t expect any   Aguinaldo from you. Decrease amount by about 2,000 if they are your   neighbors and their   parents are your childhood friends.


Multiply this by any number you want     if your Godchildren are all adults and they want to give you Aguinaldo   instead as a sign of their gratitude to what you have given them in past   Christmases.   (Requires being generous to a fault!)



If your bike spends more time like   about   95% in storage than on the road most of the year, give yourself permission   to   increase by about 15%, that is if you promise to take your bike   more often on   the road or you plan to start biking to work tomorrow.   Yes, tomorrow. 



If your bike is on the road at least  one long weekend ride each month,   you may increase your planned amount by about   5% or more if you plan   to add more weekend rides next year as part of your New   Year’s   resolution. (Our suggestion: join the Firefly Brigade’s monthly CMR     every 3rd Sunday of the month)


If you bike to work at least 3   times a   week and your bike commute is about 20 kilometers one way   passing through all   types of pavements, be generous to yourself and   increase your budget by   around 85%. And if you feel like     needing a boost of confidence add another 15% more.



If you bike to work daily and you   have to bike through potholed and polluted city streets, increase amount   by around   30% especially if you often encounter rude drivers and   pedestrians every day   and there seem to be nothing you can do to stop   or change them.


No car? No problem, and it   may actually be good for everybody so you can increase amount you want   to spend by   about 95%.


We’re   not sure if you have a car or not. So let’s wait first as you might   actually be thinking of buying one under the hulugan scheme and   using your bonus as partial down payment for one brand new one.   This   certainly means no bike upgrade for this year, or the next, or the next...   well maybe you should junk this idea and buy instead a brandnew Trek or   Canondale or Trinx... or Tern or Dahon for the foldie enthusiasts.





Decrease by about 55% if you own a  car and drive it to go to the grocery or supermarket. This will go a   long way to offset your carbon footprint. Less money for   bike upgrades   but it's your choice.


Decrease by about 75% if you own a   car   and use it more often than your bike. And if it is a muscle car or   a supercar   you own, well, just think of the money you can save by not   upgrading your   bike at all.


Please add your own suggestions in the comments below as we are sure you have your own ideas on how to spend your hard-earned bonus this year. Happy bicycling!!! your social media marketing partner

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