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5 Things You Need to Stop Doing While Biking

bike downOne of the things that make cycling so enjoyable is that it gives you a sense of freedom and power. You can pedal till you drop and at the end of the last kilometer, no one will tell you you’re crazy except the non-initiated non-cyclists. However, as with any enjoyable, powerful things, there should be moderation and as Stan Lee would say it through Spiderman’s Uncle Ben, with power comes great responsibility. There are certain things that no one should do while cycling – not on the road or off-road, and certainly not while you’re trying to navigate through Metro Manila’s crazier than the gods of loon’s streets. Here are five things that no cyclist should ever think of doing:

1. Cycling while pregnant – ok this advice surely doesn’t apply to every Juan. But what woman will risk her swollen belly with a baby inside just to ride a bike? Perhaps the answer should be obvious, right? She shouldn’t. But just in case you, if you’re a woman, or your wife, are happily waiting for that bun in the oven to come out but can’t stop riding, there is still hope as suggested by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG). They seem to think you still can bike but the woman needs to take precaution and ride with “particular care.”


"There are certain things that no one should do while cycling – not on the road or off-road, and certainly not while you’re trying to navigate through Metro Manila’s crazier than the gods of loon’s streets."


2. Cycling while eating – now this is disputable, and you may be right to argue that yes, you can eat while cycling because you need the nutrition. But consider for a moment where you are pedaling. If you are biking to work, eating at this time doesn’t make sense. How long does it take you to arrive at your destination? Even if it takes you 1 hour, you will not be that hungry even while cycling. Or you can just grab something to eat before you ride and that should take care of it. But how about on a long distance ride, can’t you not eat while cycling you ask? Well, part of long distance riding is enjoying the scenery and stopping to eat will greatly enhance that experience especially if you’re going through that route for the first time. Eating while cycling can distract you and may cause unwanted accidents.

3. Cycling while drunk – there's no arguing with this one. This is certainly undisputable. No one in his right mind should bike, much less drive a motorized transport, if he or she is drunk. Period.


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4. Cycling on the sidewalk – we have no actual proof but we are sure most of us have been guilty of this at one time or another. But if we as cyclists are asking drivers to respect our space and give us the right to share the road, we should also respect the rights of pedestrians to use the sidewalk. We should never intrude into this area as much as we don’t want drivers to drive us into the sidewalk forcefully. If indeed we need to pass on the sidewalk, let us dismount and walk with our bike, just like everybody else.

5. Getting angry at drivers – we have dealt with this on a previous article and we believe that getting angry will never solve our problem with errant drivers who think that cyclist should have their own bike lanes – out there in the middle of the street where they could play chicken with on-coming traffic. If cycling on the streets tests your nerves and raise your stress levels, then you will always be ripe for road rage, and this is not good, not for you, not for drivers, and not for all cyclists in general. Cycling is enjoyable at best; at worst, it can cost you your life but let us not allow ourselves to be cowered into submission by drivers who do not understand the least about road sharing (more about road sharing in the country here and here.) and much less about road courtesy.

There are more things we should not do while cycling(and having great, clean fun is not included.) But with a bit of luck and plenty of caution, we can continue to do and enjoy them while whistling a tune on our way into the sunset. your social media marketing partner

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