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Bike, Share the Road, Have Fun, Repeat

ride, share the road, have fun, repeat

A baker loves to bake cakes, breads or whatever it is that takes her fancy to make at the moment. A baker who doesn’t love creating something edible out flour, eggs, shortening, exotic spices, and other ingredients doesn’t deserve to be called one. She would want to share her creations with others but above all, he/she must have fun doing what she loves. And then she repeats everything.

A biker worth his cranks does basically the same thing. And thus he bikes, shares the road, have fun and then he does them all over again to double, triple or quadruple the excitement he gets out of bicycling. A bicyclist ride for all kinds of reasons: to go to work, as a leisure activity, to run errands, to market, trail rides, fund raiser rides and any type of ride you can think of. In fact you don’t need a reason at all to ride your bicycle. As long as your bicycle is in good, working condition and you yourself is capable of pedaling without falling off your bike for at least the first 100 kilometers, then you don’t have any reason not to ride, share the road, have fun and repeat these steps all over again.

Some people may have apprehensions and may be afraid to ride their bicycle. They may not like sharing the road with other road users, especially cars and trucks. They may not be open to the possibility that one can have fun between their legs while riding a two-wheeled contraption called a “bicycle.” And they are missing a lot. Bicyclists enjoy the best the world has to offer in terms of freedom to travel, enjoying the scenery, and sharing the with other road users. There is practically no limit to the fun activities you can do on board a bicycle – only your own personal limitations such as fear, ignorance and erroneous assumptions. The good news is that these limitations can all be overcome by anyone who wants to enjoy the kind of life a bicyclist has.

keep calm and share the road

We are not going to dispense any psychological or spiritual tips on how to overcome limitations, just some ideas if you care to take our word for it. The operative word here is being practical. Riding a bicycle is one of the most natural thing to do; even a five-year old or even younger can do it. Try letting a five-year old kid drive a car. It’s impossible and definitely not safe. But it’s different with a bicycle. As long as the kid can reach the pedals (and it’s quite easy to do since the bicycle’s seat post can be lowered into the correct position), the kid can learn to balance and steer the bicycle in no time at all. She couldn't have more fun at a young age doing anything else than bicycling.

Sharing the road is for educated, decent, and disciplined drivers and until Filipino drivers become such, Filipino bicyclists will always have to bike on our roads with the sword of Damocles constantly hanging over them.


Modern roads as we know them today are built mostly for motorized transport but that doesn’t mean that motorists should have a monopoly in using them. Bicyclists too, have the same right to use the road although few motorists will ever concede their own right in favor of bicyclists. This is sad but you only need to see how often a bicyclist is forced off the road or have to swerve dangerously towards the curb or pothole because of being cut in front of by cars who want to go ahead or turn right at the next immediate corner at the expense of the poor bicyclist. The offending vehicle can be anything: from old dilapidated taxis to a large, gleaming brand new SUV's and to flimsy, old motorcycles; and drivers can be anyone too, from one who looks like a respectable lawyer with impeccable sartorial taste to one who can be identified as a family driver. And to top them all, the MMDA offers little to no help when it comes to putting order on the road!

from various internet sources

From various internet sources

Thinking of ways to contribute to the solution of a pressing problem, one man by the name of Atty. Tony Oposa, an award-winning environmental lawyer, convened the Share the Road Movement, a multi-sectoral group that demanded the government to provide designated spaces on the road not only for motorized vehicles but for bicycles and pedestrians as well. The good lawyer is quite enthusiastic about this project and this could really be a start of something good for the country. Indeed, the idea of sharing the road is espoused by almost all bicycling advocates everywhere because it actually works and many cities around the world that have implemented their own share the road schemes have proven its effectivity in reducing bicycle accidents and improving the overall traffic situation. However, it is not for everybody.  Let us explain our point: sharing the road is for educated, decent, and disciplined drivers and until Filipino drivers become such, Filipino bicyclists will always be at the mercy of indolent Filipino drivers, and have to bike on our roads with the sword of Damocles constantly hanging over them. However, having said that, bicycling will always be fun if you learn how to protect yourself on the road. You can do this by obeying the law, knowing when to turn and generally being nice, just as you want other drivers to treat you nicely.

Here’s a nice way to put this into perspective:

Avoid Rightness: Who's in the right and who's in the wrong? Who cares? If I'm on a bike and they are in a tonne of metal travelling at 60km/h then is my moral code worth being dead right about? Why argue? Let them have their day and leave justice up to the Universe. If you really want to end up in a car park trading blows with the driver that just cut you off maybe you should have taken up boxing instead.

-from Arrive Alive in 5 Steps, Bike Roar

The whole idea of repeating the cycle of riding, sharing the road and having fun is only to reiterate the fact that indeed, bicycling is an activity worthy of doing over and over again because it provides benefits both to the individual bicyclist in particular and the community in general. You can think of health benefits and bicycling provides a whole lot of them, from maintaining or losing weight to preventing cardiovascular problem or improving one’s general physical condition. The whole community benefits of course from a generally healthy population as the government doesn’t have to spend as much on treating its sick citizens.

Bicyclists face the formidable task of protecting themselves from all kinds of mishaps, as our article Problems All Cyclists Understand illustrates. If you are looking for tips on how to bike on the road, check out Safety on the Road for Cyclists Part 3, Part 1, Part 2 your social media marketing partner

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