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Our Mission and Vision

mission vision1A world where bicycling and sustainable transportation are a way of life... To promote cycling as an environmentally sustainable form of transportation...

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Our Advocacies: What We Do

advocacy1The Firefly Brigade is an NGO that promotes the use of the bicycle for clean air and sustainable communities. Our activities that support these goals:

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Bicycling Resources

bikeresources1This is a partial list of bike shops in and around Metro Manila. Please contact us If you are a bike shop owner and you want your shop to be listed here.

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Firefly Brigade News

What Your Bike Says About You

bike graphics

Graphic designed by Aaron Kuehn

First of all, let us admit that the title of this article is definitely not the most original one for a Firefly Brigade website but we beg you to indulge us and suspend your disbelief or dissent for the duration of the time it takes to read this article and consider what it means. Most of you, especially if you have a car and are fond of forums and websites that deal with cars, would have read an article with a similar title but referring mainly to cars. So following their lead, let us ask now: does the bike you ride actually say anything about the real you or is it just a coincidence that your 29er x-large size full-suspension bike frame is an accurate reflection of your manliness? It may really be not just about the bike but have you ever wondered if the bike makes the man? We may not have the demographics now that will show what type of bike is being ridden by what type of people (both male and female) but maybe a simple cursory investigation of bikers during a busy morning may tell us something about this phenomenon.

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Pollution from Motor Vehicles Just as Bad as Smoking Tobacco

Breathing polluted air is just as devastating on the body as smoking

Two physicians, Dr. Ulysses Dorotheo and Dr. Custer Deocaris, speaking at the recent Clean Air Forum organized by the Partnership for Clean Air, said that outside air pollution, which in Metro Manila is caused for the most part by motor vehicles, presents the same dangers to personal health as smoking tobacco does (read what's in a cigarette here.) (These effects are graphically shown in the poster above.) They urged clean air advocates to learn from successful anti-smoking campaigns that have significantly lowered the incidence of smoking in the Southeast Asian Region, including the Philippines. They credited this success to the campaign’s focus on the devastating effects that tobacco use has on personal health, a fact the even the powerful lobby of tobacco multinational corporations, such as Philip Morris and British American Tobacco, cannot dispute. Air pollution from vehicle emissions, they believed, involve the same chemicals and toxins in tobacco smoke and are therefore similarly harmful, leading to debilitating pulmonary diseases such as emphysema (COPD), weakening the heart, and producing various cancers, particularly those that attack the lungs.

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Safety on the Road for Cyclists

(This multi-part article examines the complex issue of safety in bicycling on city streets. This is the second in the series.)

When cycling advocates say they want to increase the number of people bicycling, they don’t usually mean recreational cyclists who only ride in the controlled environment of a park or a bicycle path but rather people who ride their bikes for really going places, that is, for transport. This usually means riding a bicycle on the road in traffic because even in the most advanced places for bicycling, such as Amsterdam or Copenhagen, you still have to ride on the roadway, which means having to ride in traffic among motorized vehicles.

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