2015 January CMR: Padyak sa Pinaglabanan


Join us in a celebration of bravery and heroism on bicycles!

See you in the new San Juan City Hall in Pinaglabanan Shrine... we have information that bicyclists will not be sprayed doused with water as is customary during celebrations in this city... or we could be wrong. So to find out, remember to put this event on your calendar and be there on time.

And for those who want to see the Pope celebrate Mass in Luneta later in the afternoon at 3:00 pm, we can all go there and make it our destination for this CMR.

If you are interested to know where the January CMR was last year, see January CMR: The Happy Ride. And if you want more information about our CMRs and other exciting Firefly Brigade activities, head on to Our Advocacies.


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