5 Ways to Inspire Yourself to Bike

Bicycling can be a real pain in the butt (especially after a century ride and) if you are not inspired to ride a bicycle at all.  Even some veteran bicyclists find themselves losing the will to ride their bikes, whether on a trip to the grocery or on an out of town trip from time to time.  You could be having a hard time convincing yourself that you can ride at all.  So here we are presenting five ways to inspire you to ride, whether you are just trying to learn or have bicycled thousands of kilometers over the years.

1. Know Yourself

 know theyself the matrix

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The origin of this saying dates back to ancient times and this goes to show that questions about the human condition is as old as humanity itself. Knowing oneself leads to self-realization and all modern gurus will attest to the fact that this is one way towards a stable future.

Why it helps:

Knowing yourself when it comes to bicycling will show you if you are built to ride a bicycle or to simply ogle and be envious of those who are. But we’re here to inspire so here goes. So you find yourself on the side of not being a bicyclist but you still want to ride one. No problem. Bicycling can be both an art and a science depending on how you look at it. But what’s important here is what you want. You can overcome fear, teach yourself to ride and be courageous enough to do it. You have to believe you want and you are capable of bicycling.

2. Start to manage your time effectively

time management

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Effective time management means managing your activities as they occur in real time and not in clock time. It doesn’t depend on the time you see on the clock but how your activities unfold during the 24 hours you have on a day. Remember the last time you said to yourself, “How time flies!” You were referring to real time as you experienced it. While a movie is say 2 hours long, it will always be 2 hours on the clock but if you enjoyed it much, those 2 hours would have passed quickly as you wouldn’t have been aware since you were enjoying.

Why it helps:

At first, bicycling may seem like a chore that you don’t really like and one of the most often given reason is that you don’t have the time, which may be true. However, with the right time management technique, it should be easy for you to find time to bike. One way to find time to bike is to remember that it is an enjoyable activity. Once you convince yourself that indeed it is, you will certainly find the time to ride your bicycle.

3. Discover fresh and new ways to look at bicycles

cobi smart bike

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Bicycles have been with us for around 2 hundred years and the last 10 years have seen tremendous amount of modern technologies applied to make bicycles safer and more enjoyable. For those who want the latest, there is even what bike techies and innovators describe are “smart bikes.”

Why it helps:

This may actually apply to veteran bicyclists who have somehow lost their drive to ride a bicycle bu it could help newbies as well. Some bicyclists, especially those who are not looking for a fancy ride could do with any ordinary, department store variety bicycles. While it is the rider that matters, there should be nothing wrong in wanting to have the latest bicycling technology available. If you can afford it, why not and if it helps you get inspired to ride more, again why not!  New bicycle technologies can help bicyclists find the missing link between humans and machines - they can help the bicyclist communicate and interact with the trail or street he is on through the bicycle and thus, the bicyclist can enjoy the ride better. As a bicyclist, you can conform your style of riding to the terrain as the bicycle gives you the right feedback depending on your location. 

4. Learn to do what you say you will do

there are seven days in a week, someday isn't one of them

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Keep your promise. Period.

Why it helps:

If being true to yourself helps (see number 1 above), then keeping your promise to yourself will also help you take that first pedal stroke. If you started your journey towards learning how to bike with a promise, reneging on that will never lead you to learn how to bike. It is only in keeping your promise that you will eventually be able to bike.

5. Be in the company of bicyclists

tour of the fireflies

The Tour of the Fireflies: the biggest company of bicyclists in one annual event.

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Remember what your parents and teachers used to tell you when you were young: “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.” Well, this is one specific application of that saying.

Why it helps:

Being in the company of bicyclist will fill you with their thoughts about bicycling – how they enjoyed a particular ride, how they were amazed at what they saw, how exhilarated they felt going downhill, or even how painful their butts and shoulders were after a century ride. It is in going with other bicyclist that you will be immersed in real bicycling spirit.

Being inspired to bike is like being inspired to do art or dabble in science. While you may need to be inspired by stories and experiences of others, it will always take your own first step to start your way to being a true-to-the-bone bicyclist.

If you are looking for more inspiration to bike, check out 5 Bicycling Ideas from other Countries Filipinos Need to Adopt. Some people need to be pushed or coerced to ride a bike but some take to bike like ducks to water. So if you are a duck and want to ride a bike, read 3 Ways to Get Over Your Fear of Cycling.

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