Had Enough of Awareness?

(Photo courtesy of Mr. Edmund Baranda)

Had enough of awareness?

The May 18 Critical Mass Ride dubbed as Padyakan: Sagip Bakawan started at the Cubao headquarters for some, while the rest from the Parks and wildlife in Quezon City. An estimated 200 riders joined to help clean up the coastal waters near Cavite, the centerpiece activity of Month of the Ocean.

It took a good 2 hours for the peloton to reach the site. By then, after travelling in almost noontime sun, most were eager to get under the shade. Mrs. Cynthia Villar greeted the volunteers and gave a historical talk on the nature of the program and its beneficiaries. A staunch environmentalist, she herself initiated the clean-up by picking up litter washed along the shoreline.

To help mitigate the effects of the noontime sun, t-shirts and sun hats were provided for the participants. After which lunch was also distributed. Drinking water was also provided for the duration of the event, while breakfast was also distributed earlier at the start. The event was well organized and all manner of concessions were made for the participants to feel appreciated during the cleanup. Yet it didn’t seem that the volunteers noticed this.

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A garbage truck was standing by to take in the trash collected. Of the scores of black garbage bags that were given out to be used, hardly a dozen came back that were actually filled. Some were left at the coast, tied to trees or used as personal laundry bags for those that decided to take a dip. Even the food wrappers, and other paraphernalia, were summarily added to the trash that was supposed to be collected. Of the multitude that came, only a handful actually helped clean the site up.

"Maybe its time to go past riding for awareness. Maybe now we need more than just pushing pedals," declares Inoy Africa


Maybe its time to go past riding for awareness. Maybe now we need more than just pushing pedals.

I would hate to think that just because people joined the ride is that their entitled to be called environmentalists, or at least environmentally aware. I guess its time to up the ante and help cyclists grow into all-around, green minded do-gooders.

Captain Planet doesn’t just arrive at the site.


Inoy Africa is a Parplay who is into building cargo bikes he himself designs. You can like his Facebook page here.

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