A Cloudy with a Chance of Seeing Pope Francis January CMR



The Firefly Brigade's first CMR for 2015 didn't go off with a bang but certainly, the rain didn't stop it from happening. Some fifty riders participated in yesterday's Padyak sa Pinaglabanan which ended up near CCP.  There we witnessed thousands of people walking towards the Luneta Grandstand hoping to see Pope Francis in person as he celebrates Mass later at 3:30 in the afternoon. It was cloudy when we started at around 7:00 AM but the clouds and the threatening rains they carried weren't enough to dampen the bicyclists's resolve to ride and as you can see from the picture above, our message of sharing the road.  We arrived at our destination at the side of the CCP at around 8:30 AM and after having some snacks, picture taking and the required selfies, the peloton pedalled back home at around 9:30 AM.

 jan cmr CCP

Firefly Brigade President Katti, posing under one of the FFB bike racks

Rain finally fell as we passed through Makati Avenue and since there were children riding with us, we stopped for a while to wait but when the rain continued to drizzle, the ride leader decided to forge ahead.  It helped that the kid had a raincoat on and the other kid was on his dad's bike and was protected by his dad. The drizzle continued but it was just enough to let us ride back home without having the need to stop.

Waiting for the light rain to stop in Makati Avenue

We didn't catch a single glimpse of Pope Francis in person, but we later watched a delayed telecast of his meeting with young people in UST.  If there was one lesson we learned from his visit, it's this: compassion is witnessing in silence and learning to cry with those who suffer. We hope that as we ride our bicycle and drive our cars, we will have compassion towards each other and allow each other to live and ride and drive in peace and  harmony.

We wish you peace this New Year and to help us convey the Firefly Brigade's advocacy, please read This New Year, Please Help... And if you wish to know our Suggestion for New Year's Resolution please click on the link and start the year right.



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