Being A Frugal and Happy Bicyclist

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THERE IS NO DOUBT THAT USING THE BICYCLE INSTEAD OF A CAR or any other form of motorized transport saves you gas and therefore, money. However, giving it further thought, YOU WILL REALIZE THAT IT'S NOT JUST THE GAS AND MONEY YOU SAVE THAT COUNT but the REAL FUN YOU HAVE WHEN YOU RIDE YOUR BIKE.

Being frugal is defined as "sparing or economical in the use of resources such as money or food" and "simple and plain and costing little." Both these definitions from Google are more than apt descriptions of someone who depends on the bicycle for most of his or her transport needs. Being sparing and economical in using motorized transport means using the bicycle instead in this case. The bicycle, in its pristine and basic form, cannot be topped in being simple, plain and being inexpensive. Of course, there are models that actually cost thousands of dollars and they are not plain and simple but those are not for ordinary people like us who cannot afford such bicycles. And as contemporary Turkish playwright and novelist Mehmet Murat ildan says, "Bicycle means simplicity and simplicity means happiness!"  We say that a frugal cyclist is a happy cyclist.

Our goal is to find ways to bike more for less, how to bike more efficiently and live a more efficient and therefore, happy, life.

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