A Clarification Statement

February 1, 2015


The Firefly Brigade is embarking on exciting bicycle advocacy activities this year. We started the year right by instituting new officers to lead us as we reorganize to sustain and further strengthen the work we have been doing for the past fifteen years.

Last year, the Firefly Brigade experienced a crisis in leadership when our then President, Karen Crisostomo, Vice President Benedict Camara, and Secretary Rosar Crisostomo, formed the "National Bicycle Organization" to proceed with lobby work for the declaration of a National Bicycle Day. The declaration of this day was recommended to the Climate Change Commission in 2012 by the earlier officers of the Firefly Brigade to coincide with the annual Tour of the Fireflies. As these three who formed the "National Bicycle Organization" were officers who represented our organization, our partners and sponsors were led to think that the Firefly Brigade and the "National Bicycle Organization” are one or the same. They used their position in the Firefly Brigade to tap into partners and sponsors which the Firefly Brigade has carefully nurtured, to organize their own “National Bicycle Day Ride.” They have therefore initiated an activity and formed an organization which is in direct conflict with the organization they have been entrusted to lead. As they held on to their posts, they were also in effect “killing” the Firefly Brigade while at the same time using their positions in our organization to leverage their interests.

We apologize for any damage or confusion that these persons may have caused any of our partners, sponsors and co-­‐cycling advocates. Rest assured that the Firefly Brigade will continue its sustainable transportation advocacy with renewed vigor and inspired action. The Firefly Brigade, now with newly instituted officers, will continue its operations and activities as before in the spirit of participatory democracy and citizens’ empowerment.


With the ideals of bicycle advocacy, we remain,


Founder and President
Firefly Brigade


To view or download an official pdf copy of this document which contains the names of all the new set of officers, please click this link.


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