Top 5 Things Non Cyclists Think They Know About Cyclists

KC ShareTheRoadEveryone of us would have an idea of what other people are like, what they want, what they need or what they are up to at any given moment. We tend to assume things about what's happening around us based on our previous experiences and how we perceive our environment. Cyclists almost anywhere in the world ,for example, are treated as if they are at the lowest rung of the ladder of humanity by motorists who seem to think that they own the road, no matter how wide it is, once they are at the driver's seat. But we cyclists have our secrets; nobody else but a cyclist knows how great it is to be on the saddle, pedaling your way to anyplace where two wheels and your legs can take you.

Here are some ideas that non-cyclists assume they know about bicyclists:

bike saddle w/ spikes

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1. Long time male cyclists are infertile because sitting on a miniscule saddle constricts the blood vessels in their balls which can certainly cause infertility.

Let’s not burst their bubbles guys and just let them think we’re a bunch of ball-less cyclists having sublime fun on two wheels! Here and here are proofs that this is just a myth.

licao licao

2. Non-cyclists’ like to believe that their hobbies are more interesting than cyclists.

The reasoning behind this is because non-cyclists will never decide go up a mountain unless they are on four wheels, enclosed in an air-conditioned, fossil-fuel-fed car. Let’s not dazzle them with stories of majestic mountain-top views of the world below!


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3. Non-cyclists assume that no one should have to pay more than 2,500 pesos to buy a really good bike. 

They think 5,000 pesos is enough for a full suspension bike with disc brake.  Most of them haven’t heard about carbon fiber bikes. Let’s not tell them about the real costs of our bikes, ok.

4. Non-cyclists are sure that it’s neither safe nor fun at all to bike in the rain.

OK let’s just say they are half right but they are totally clueless about the fun cyclists are having as raindrops lash at their faces, washing down the grime and odor from their bodies, cleansing and cooling them as they go biking in the rain!

5. Non-cyclists, especially those who drive a car, take for granted the time, energy and fuel they consume as they go through traffic jams until they arrive at their destination.

They pity the cyclists they see on the road, huffing and puffing under the sun, exposing themselves to toxic fumes and debilitating heat of the sun.  They suppose that they are protected in their sealed cars while cyclists are without protection and totally vulnerable. Let’s not tell them about the studies that show that there is pollution too inside their cars and that the more time they spend inside, the more pollutants they absorb. And in the meantime, while they are still absorbing those pollutants inside their cars, cyclists have already arrived at their destination, well ahead of those in cars, and already resting as they prepare to energetically tackle the day’s task ahead of them.


Some days are not just made for bicycling but this should not stop you from going out into the streets and bike to work.  However, be sure to remember these Three Things You Should Never Say to a Driver while on Your Bike in order to avoid any kind of altercation on the road. And remember, there's  A Bicyclist in Mad Avenue who's trying to make heads or tails out of the messy bike lanes we have somewhere in our cities. your social media marketing partner