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Here in the Twilight, Twilight Zoo


july 20 cmr

(Photo courtesy of George Mateo) 

Our CMR reporter Inoy Africa, submitted the following account as he joined the July CMR to North Side of Manila.

The peloton found its way to C3, or Araneta Ave, towards Caloocan. It then turned right towards Monumento, left at the roundabout and eventually to Malabon Zoo.

I am thankful to the person who routed this ride, as I have never been here; have never even heard that a place existed. It was a zoo in the middle of a city. Never mind that you had the other one over at Harrison, because of its namesake, had most animal-loving Manilenos gravitating towards it. Not Malabon.

So as I stopped at the entrance with almost 200 bikers in tow, I noticed a particular maya chirp excitedly at the ruckus outside the zoo walls. Before I could call a fellow biker’s attention to it, it was gone; must’ve flown inside to tell the other animals of the throng that was going to make it’s way inside.

Inoy is grateful and says, "I am thankful to the person who routed this ride, as I have never been here; have never even heard that a place existed. It was a zoo in the middle of a city."


The next stop was the Centennial Park, which was approximately 6 kms from the zoo. You’d go back out C4 towards Navotas, and then as you pass North Bay Blvd, just at the corner, you’d find the park. It’s actually harder than you read. If it wasn’t for the lead marshal herding the crowd, I would’ve have missed it. Heck you would’ve missed it. But that particular maya didn’t. Wasn’t sure it was the same one, but this one was giving me the one-eye stare-down. Or so I thought.

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So after the raffle, one-liners, photo-bombing and the like, the peloton made its way out of the park, southwards, away from the water, back to Greenhills.

On the way back, a distinctive glop of white substance zinged my handlebar, very close to the brake lever. “Damn!” I muttered to myself, I know that fowl. That’s the one I saw at the zoo. It did a Stuka dive-bomb maneuver that almost got me. Close. Close enough for me to recognize IT.

“Bwiset na mga biker to! Sa dami niyong yan, ni isa, walang pumasok sa zoo? Tapos nag-aagawan kayo sa t-shirt, tsinelas at flashlight duon sa raffle? Tirahin ko nga itong damuhing emcee na to!” relished the maya.

When I do go back there, I’ll be very wary of a particular winged creature. Baka resbakan ako.

Bwahahaha, hahaha…haha…ha…h..


Inoy Africa is a Parplay who is into building cargo bikes he himself designs. You can like his Facebook page here. your social media marketing partner

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