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Life in the bike lanes is about ideas that go through our minds, observations, musings, revelations, opinions, points of view, meditations, rants, and other note worthy inspirations and experiences that we have while on our bikes.  It is YOUR page and so we are honored to invite you all our cyclist friends of the Firefly Brigade, whether you are roadie, mountain biker, biker to work, weekend warrior, etc., to share through these pages.  Please send us your 400 to 500 words article through this link.

To pre-empt any fiery disagreements, upset stomachs, worsening stress-related headaches, thoughtful counter-reactions and other excuse of a reason to disagree and dissent for whatever purposes, we offer this disclaimer:


"The views and opinions expressed in the articles posted in this section are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the FIrefly Brigade and the occasional little yellow, glowing bugs you see following us behind our bikes. Narratives and examples of reminiscences, reflections and rants as written in the articles are based on the author's fertile imagination (read: far-reaching experiences) and should not be utilized by any person in any and all real-world biking situations whenever, or whereever they are not fit to be utilized. Spelling errors may be attributed to their inattention, lack of spell cheker in their computers (or tablets/smartphones) or probably because they are only very excited to share with us and the rest of humanity. But of course, we do welcome comments in the comments section." 


We hope you can spend sometime to share your cycling experiences - on the road, off the road or from just about anywhere.



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